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Eat Smart Launches New Consumer Website

Consumers now have easy access to Eat Smart product information, nutritional information and product-locating features anywhere, on any device.

GUADALUPE, Calif.—September 30, 2014—Apio, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Landec Corporation (LNDC) and a leading national producer of fresh-cut vegetable products, announces the launch of their new Eat Smart consumer website. Optimized for busy, on-the-go consumers, not only provides consumers detailed information on all the Eat Smart products, but also offers a variety of quick, healthy recipe ideas and an easy-to-use Store Locator to point consumers to the nearest store that carries Eat Smart’s fresh-cut vegetable products. Since mobile devices account for more than 60% of online traffic, Eat Smart’s site is optimized for use on tablets and mobile devices.

“With the recent launch of our new superfood products, the number of consumers purchasing Eat Smart products and searching for a place to purchase Eat Smart products is growing tremendously. Consumer emails requesting our products have doubled over the last 2 years,” said Anne Byerly, VP of Marketing at Apio, Inc. “As more consumers are striving to eat healthier, they are becoming more aware of how Eat Smart can help them achieve their goals by offering products that are healthy, convenient and delicious.”

“The updated Eat Smart site offers consumers an easy way to learn more about Eat Smart products and how to find Eat Smart products in stores. It’s all right there: on your computer, tablet, phone…wherever you are,” said Cali Tanguay, Director of Marketing at Apio, Inc. “Armed with innovative products, nutritional information and creative recipes, consumers can eat smarter by simplifying the task of incorporating a variety of fresh-cut vegetables into their daily meals.”

Today’s shoppers want preparing meals to be more convenient and expect a wider variety of culinary experiences from their favorite brands,” said Tanguay. “We designed our new Eat Smart website for consumers to deliver the information and tools to make it easy and enjoyable for consumers to eat healthy meals.”

Along with features that make meal planning and prep simpler for consumers and help them locate the products they want more quickly, Eat Smart’s new website also provides in-depth nutritional information for each product as well as alternative recipes that can help spice up any menu. For example, the bestselling Eat Smart Sweet Kale Salad Kit can also be used to create delicious fresh fish tacos, and a broccoli and tomato pizza can be a tasty way to include more vegetables in your diet. Combining the value of information, recipes and vibrant product photos, the site serves as an excellent resource to satisfying customers’ hunger for in-depth knowledge for how they can easily prepare healthy foods for their families and themselves.

About Apio, Inc.

Apio, Inc., was founded in 1979 by five celery growers in the Santa Maria Valley on the central coast of California, and named “Apio,” which is “celery” in Spanish. Today, the company is the leader in processing and marketing fresh-cut specialty vegetables in the United States. Headquartered in Guadalupe, California, Apio sells its specialty vegetables and party tray products under its Eat Smart® and GreenLine® brands. Apio’s fresh-cut vegetables are unique in that most of its products utilize the Landec Corporation BreatheWay® proprietary breathable packaging technology to extend the shelf life of specific produce. Landec Corporation (NASDAQ: LNDC), a polymer science and specialty materials company based in Menlo Park, California, acquired Apio in 1999. For more information about the company, visit Apio’s website at For more information on Eat Smart, visit

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