Eat Healthy. Eat Fresh.
Eat Smart.

Salad Kits & Fresh Vegetables

Delicious, fresh trimmed vegetables ready for your next meal or snack.


Fresh vegetable side dish kits you can whip up in no time

Washed, fresh-cut vegetables plus gourmet sauces and toppings make it easy to complement your meals with delicious side dishes whenever you like. And it only takes five minutes of prep time.

timesavors cauliflower gratin

Salad Shake Ups™

Delicious superfoods in a convenient mix and eat bowl

Salad Shake Ups™ feature a unique lockable lid for easy mixing, a sturdy fork and a deep bowl, making it the perfect way to enjoy your superfoods on the go. Available in 5 delectable flavors, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Salad Shake Ups

Superfood Salad Blends

Nutrient-dense blends ideal for salads and more

Made up of unique combinations of delicious and nutrient-dense vegetables, Eat Smart Superfood Salad Blends are ideal as salads or used in recipes.

Gourmet Vegetable Salad Kits

Superfoods with superior flavor

Any time of day, Eat Smart gourmet vegetable salads are a convenient way to eat your superfoods. Just toss and serve!

Sweet Kale Salad Kit

Vegetable Bags

Healthy eating is in the bag

Harvested at the peak of freshness, Eat Smart vegetables are washed, trimmed and sealed in our patented BreatheWay® bags to deliver farm-fresh flavor to your table.

Vegetable Trays

Friends, family and fresh foods

Snap, crunch, dip! Eat Smart Vegetable Trays are filled with fresh goodness for entertaining, easy meal preparation or a quick, healthy snack.